Great Lakes Lifting Solutions Spydercrane

Great Lakes Lifting Solutions

From small startup 10 years ago to a national leader in mini crane and glass lifter rentals today, Zondor has been there to help with marketing through every step in the process. Building the brand from the ground up included logo design, stationery, sales materials & brochures, and a responsive site focused on highlighting product specifications, lead-generation, and sales.

Great Lakes Lifting stationery and business card design

Logo Design & Branding

Full brand design package that includes logo, stationery, and business cards.

Great Lakes Lifting website landing page on desktop and mobile

Web Design & Development

Built to showcase their world-class customer service and product lines, the site features detailed specifications, marketing materials, and a robust contact form with financing options to make buying and renting as easy as possible.

Great Lakes Lifting product landing page design

Product specification page with custom photography, full machine specifications, and available accessories.

Great Lakes Lifting website form landing page design

Contact page with user-guided form for collecting detailed product inquiries – all managed through custom CMS tools.

Front and back of Great Lakes Lifting postcard graphic design
Front and back of Great Lakes Lifting print collateral graphic design

Graphic Design

Direct mail postcards highlighting the benefits of Spydercrane mini cranes.

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